The Mancos Valley was settled by ranching families in the early 1880s, including the Quaker Wetherill Family from Pennsylvania. The Wetherills ranched in the Southern part of the Mancos Valley and were the first white men to extensively explore the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. In 1891 the Rio Grande Southern Railway reached Mancos on its way to the silver mines of Telluride and Rico. Mancos boomed, becoming a thriving commercial center based on lumber, cattle and produce grown in the Montezuma Valley. When the energy boom busted in the 1960s Mancos developed a growing tourism economy based on the presence of Mesa Verde National Park.

Presently, the Town of Mancos retains a heritage based on ranching and the manufacture of timber products. The area also provides many recreational opportunities within the San Juan National Forest, and Jackson Gulch Lake, which is located in the Mancos State Recreation Area.

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