Energy Efficiency Funding


The Energy Efficiency Fund (EFF) is part of Region 9’s Business Revolving Loan Fund (BLF). The focus is to help businesses by providing funding to improve their energy efficiency, reduce operation costs and resource consumption.

How the Program Works:

Upon completion of an energy assessment (commercial auditors and financial incentives attached), application is made directly to Region 9. The applicant will meet with a loan officer to determine the eligibility of the loan. Region 9’s Business Loan Fund (BLF) Committee, comprised of business professionals representing the five county Region, makes the final decisions. The energy assessment requirement may be waived by Region 9 staff upon approval of a written energy improvement plan.

Who Qualifies?

Any business in Region 9’s five county area that has received an energy assessment, or plan approval, and has turned in the full Region 9 loan application can qualify.

How Much Can I Borrow:

The minimum EEF loan is $5,000 with a maximum loan of $50,000. If funding needs are greater than the maximum, Region 9 does work with most of the area lending institutions to provide “gap” financing.

What Can I Use the Loan For?

EEF funds can be utilized for the following primary uses:

  • Improvements to Buildings to increase energy efficiency
  • Improvements to generate renewable energy
  • Equipment purchases to increase energy efficiency
  • Contractor Fees to implement improvements
  • Other related uses are allowed with approval from the BLF Loan Committee.

Interest Rate & Terms:

The interest rates vary on a case by case basis, but generally will be one to two percent above the Wall Street Journal Prime and can be fixed or variable.


Collateral will be required but is not always a primary consideration for loan approval

Closing Cost:

A loan origination fee of 2% of the loan amount will be charged at closing.

Job Creation/Retention Requirements:

There are no job creation requirements.

Leverage Other Funds:

There is no requirement to leverage other funds but it is encouraged.

Federal Requirements:


Energy Assessment Requirement:

Completion of an energy assessment describing the improvements to be financed and the payback calculations is required.

Credit Elsewhere Test:

There is no credit elsewhere analysis required.

Interest Rate:

There is no maximum or minimum interest rate that can be charged.


Suggested Maximum of five (5) years but could go longer if the life of the assets financed have sufficient value over time.

Minimum/Maximum Loan Amounts:

$5,000 minimum and a maximum of $50,000. Loans over $50,000 will require participation with a lending institution.