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  • MCEDA Monthly Meeting
    April 23rd
    3:30pm -4:45pm
    Axis Health System Conference Room
    635 E Empire St, Cortez, CO 81321

Unlocking Business Resources for Montezuma County

Montezuma Community Economic Development Association (MCEDA) is a composite of Investor business members, 5 area governments and regional partners who are committed to developing a stronger, wealthier, diverse cluster of communities and businesses in Montezuma County.

MCEDA focuses on key factors that help drive a more resilient, community-based economy through networking, providing resources and information that help area businesses and entrepreneurs.

MCEDA is your point of contact for information on tax incentives, relocation resources, training and development for businesses, networking opportunities, and funding availability. We can connect you with the right agency, partners or governmental department to help you launch a new business or expand an existing one.

MCEDA works closely with local government agencies, Region 9 Economic Development District, SCAPE, the Small Business Development Center, (SBDC), the State of Colorado and area businesses to provide up-to-date information on development opportunities for our investors and communities.

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Montezuma Community Economic Development Association
P.O. Box 785
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